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Verbal reasoning tests aim to assess your ability to read a passage of text and determine if statements regarding the passage are true, false or you can’t tell. They test your written, comprehension and basic logic skills. It’s important to remember that you must base your answer entirely on the passage of information, and not bring in any external knowledge you have regarding the topic. The most common providers of verbal reasoning tests are SHL, Saville, Kenexa and Revelian. 

For beginners, the most difficult part of doing well at verbal reasoning tests is being able to distinguish between the answer options ‘Can’t Tell’ and ‘False’/’True’. You should only select either ‘True’ or ‘False’ when the answer is definitely true or false based on the passage. If there’s any ambiguity, you must select ‘Can’t Tell’. Doing this quickly under time pressure, and not succumbing to the tricks and traps the test providers set up for you, can be quite tricky. Practice makes perfect as they say, so why not take a free verbal reasoning practice test now!

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