You have found us. Phew. Lucky for you.

We are GradTests, and we are here to help you land your dream job. We’re not career counsellors, we’re not a recruitment agency and we’re not going to help you with your CV. But, we are here to help you absolutely nail your next psychometric test. I mean, we’re going to help you completely knock it out of the park!

Getting your dream job is hard. We all know that. Right now you’re probably cramming for exams, going to interviews, writing loads of job applications and then you’ve got these damn tests to sit. Be it verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning or inductive reasoning, I bet you hate at least one of them. You probably find them confusing, hard to complete in the time, and it’s impossible to find realistic practice tests. Well, this is precisely why GradTests was created back in 2012. From humble beginnings in a bedroom in Sydney, GradTests has grown to be a worldwide business, with customers from 30 countries worldwide.

GradTests has carefully analysed the tests that are on offer by the main providers like SHL and Kenexa. We have found all the most common tricks and patterns, and created a huge bank of 400+ questions for you to practice on. We also realised that a key component of practicing well for these tests is in simulating the exact environment that you would be exposed to. That’s why we created the GradTests Testing Centre, which is very similar in layout and style to what you’ll be exposed to on test day with SHL. We even have that nasty, countdown clock in the top right corner. When you complete a test, you get a detailed explanation of the answer. You can track your performance over time, and compare how you do on each question compared to your job rivals.

Our practice SHL tests cover the three main types that you will be exposed to: numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests and inductive reasoning tests. For almost all graduate and internship positions, you will need to sit SHL numerical reasoning and SHL verbal reasoning tests. This is because most jobs require strong verbal and numerical skills, and SHL is the most popular provider. The SHL inductive reasoning tests (also called logical reasoning or diagrammatic reasoning) are also very common, but not quite as common as the verbal reasoning tests and numerical reasoning tests.

When you get a subscription to GradTests, you unlock our huge bank of 400+ practice questions. That’s 6 numerical reasoning tests, 6 verbal reasoning tests and 6 inductive reasoning tests. You take the test in our SHL simulated environment, and then review detailed answers explaining where you went wrong for each question. You get to track your performance over time, and compare your score to your job rivals. Check out the Our Packages page for more details.

We also regularly attend on campus events in Australia, the USA and Europe, so check us out. You’ll next see us on campus on the 21st August 2015. We’re sponsoring the UNSW School of Computer Science Startup Expo. We have been long supporters of this event, which gives the brightest young tech startups a chance to pitch to prospective customers, employees and venture capitalists. More details can be found on the UNSW website.

Do you have an upcoming test? Need some advice or help? Having an issue with one of our tests? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through what to expect and provide any guidance that we can. Our office is based in Sydney, but we are more than happy to talk to you over the phone or Skype when it suites you most. GMT, east coast, west coast...whatever timezone you’re in, we’ll be there to help. We want you to succeed!

Happy practicing!