As an internet technology company, GradTests is absolutely committed to ensuring the privacy of all of our users and visitors. This policy document sets out what information we gather on our users and visitors, how we use that information, how we may disclose that information to other parties and what choices the user can make regarding this information. From time-to-time we may link to third party websites on our site; if you visit those third party sites, you should refer to their own privacy policy. This policy relates only to the domain, and its subdomains and subfolders.

Information that we gather

On visitors

Like almost all websites, we track a lot of metrics around the usage of our web pages. We look at things such as which pages users visit most often, which browsers they use while visiting our site, which devices are used, where most traffic comes from to our site, which sites we link to, where users interact with our site and many other things. If you look into Google Analytics, this will give you a better idea of what we track. We collect this information to create a better user experience. As part of this, we do make limited use of cookies. You should be aware of this. If you hit F12 while using Chrome, you will be able to see the cookie information that we store.

On users

A user on GradTests is really a specific type of visitor - one who has signed up for an account by providing us with their email address. If you sign-up with GradTests, we may gather some additional information on you. This information includes: your email address, your name, your university course etc. If you sign-up with the social media account Facebook, we also have access to other information that is in your Facebook account, such as your public profile and friend list. You can choose to sign-up either with Facebook or without it; the choice is entirely yours.

Further, as you sit more tests in our Testing Centre, we track your performance on these tests. This is how we are able to offer you a breakdown of this in the Testing Centre.


We don’t disclose information about our individual users to any external organisations. The only possible situation in which we may disclose information about you with any external party is when we are required to by Australian or NSW legal authorities, such as the police or courts.

Changes to this policy

Occasionally we may change this privacy policy, and that will be entirely at our prerogative. All changes to that policy will be posted here.