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Thomson Geer
Type of job
Minimum academic requirements
Bachelor degree
Degree requirements
65 - 74% WAM (Credit)

Thomson Geer 2018 Clerkship Program

Thomson Geer 2018 Clerkship Program gives you the opportunity to explore you interests and experience what it is like to become part of the Thomson Geer team. Since deciding for which area of practice you’ll take to continue your journey in your legal studies is often difficult, then, this Clerkship Program can help you with that!

The Clerkship Program is for law students who are motivated, hard-working and is eager to start their career in a dynamic law firm. Thomson Geer looks for same qualities in its clerks and graduates that the lawyers need to possess. Lawyers should be genuinely interested in the clients and their businesses. They should also be passionate in developing solutions and need to work constructively in diverse teams with both senior and junior practitioners.

Verbal Reasoning Tests
Numerical Reasoning Test
Inductive Reasoning Test