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Inductive reasoning tests aim to assess your ability to draw logical conclusions from patterns containing a variety of shapes. Inductive reasoning is also referred to as diagrammatic reasoning, logical reasoning, abstract reasoning or visual reasoning. The most common providers are SHL, Saville, Kenexa and Revelian. While the exact format varies from provider to provider, generally you are presented with a sequence of 4-5 squares, each with a variety of shapes within them.

There are patterns that are displayed in the sequence and the patterns could be things like a shape rotating or flipping, a change in the number of shapes or a consistent movement of the shapes. It's your job to identify all these patterns and choose the square which logically comes next in the sequence. You normally select from 4-5 different options. Beginners often struggle badly with inductive reasoning tests. They are indeed complicated, but do not fear, you absolutely can master the patterns and tricks to improve your mark. Practice makes perfect as they say, so why not take a free inductive reasoning practice test now!

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